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Cal Rogers And The Vin Fiz #SIPHRD0019
Cal Rogers And The Vin Fiz
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Cal Rogers and the Vin Fiz chronicles the historic first transcontinental flight flown by Cal Rogers in the fall of 1911 from Sheepshead Bay, New York to Pasadena, California.  Eight years after the Wright Brothers historic flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and sixteen years before Charles Lindbergh flew nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean, Cal Rogers flew across the United States alone.  “Cal Rogers and the Vin Fiz” tells the true story of the man, the airplane and the flight.  In 1911, flying was al the rage with wealthy sportsmen building or purchasing flying machines in order flying in exciting aviation meets and attempt new records.  Cal Rogers, mindful of his American naval hero lineage wanted to be part of the new aviation age.  He flew not only for adventure and fame but also in pursuit of a $50,000 prize then being by publisher William Randolph Hearst for the first aviator to make a successful transcontinental flight.  As a forerunner of today’s expensive sport stars endorsements and facility naming rights, Cal Rogers named his aircraft, in an endorsement deal, the Vin Fiz after a popular grape soft drink.  While Cal Roger’s bumpy and erratic flight took 49 days to complete, it was the first transcontinental flight and pointed the way to practical airplane travel as a means of transportation.  The source materials for this interesting book came from firsthand accounts from Cal Rogers, eyewitness descriptions of the aviator and his aircraft along with new archival material on this historic flight.  The aircraft itself is on display at the National Air And Space Museum at the Smithsonian institution.  The major sections of “Cal Rogers and the Vin Fiz” are as follows: 1) Acknowledgements; 2) Chapter 1 – He’s Coming, By Golly!; 3) Chapter 2 – A Famous Inheritance; 4) Chapter 3 – The Growing Years; 5) Chapter 4 – Learning To Fly; 6) Chapter 5 – The Chicago International Air Meet; 7) Chapter 6 – The Hearst Prixe; 8) Chapter 7 – Tune-Up And Take-Off; 9) Chapter 8 – The Testing Time; 10) Chapter 9 – West To Chicago; 11) Chapter 10 – Southward To Texas; 12) Chapter 11 – West With The Southern Pacific; 13) Chapter 12 – Nearing The Goal; 14) Chapter 13 – Chrysanthemums And Cheers; 15) Chapter 14 – The Cheering Dims; 16) Epilog; 17) Chapter Notes And Sources and 18) Indez.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Cal Rogers and the Vin Fiz” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 35 black and white photographs and 2) 1 map.  This book is 275 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Eileen F. Lebow.  Edition published in 1989.  


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