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Farther And Faster: Aviation's Adventuring Years, 1909-1939 #SIPHRD0020
Farther And Faster: Aviation's Adventuring Years, 1909-1939
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939 chronicles the “golden age of aviation”, from the perspective of the dual goals of increasing speeds and flying longer distances.  “Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939” highlights the fact that early aircraft were at first considered a novelty but later gained recognition first as a tool of war and later as an accepted vehicle for public transportation.  While the scope of this book is broadly international, it nevertheless pays careful attention to historical and technical detail.  In recounting the quest for distance, “Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939” focuses on the struggle to conquer the world’s oceans and highlights such aviation pioneers as Bleriot, Alcock, Lindbergh, Costes and Kingsford Smith many others, as well as, the establishment of the first intercontinental airlines.  This book also documents the impact the Schneider, Pulitzer and Bennett races had on aircraft and engine design.  Perhaps even more compelling than airplane history are the stories of the brave, sometimes reckless aviators who gambled with their lives to achieve speed and distance.  “The personalities of Claude Graham-White, Harriet Quimby, Jules Vedrines, John Moisant, Amelia Earlhart, Jimmy Doolittle, Alan Cobham, Roscoe Turner, Clyde Pangborn are very much a part of early aviation history and the quest for speed and distance.  The major sections of “Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939” are as follows: 1) Acknowledgements, 2) Prologue – The Dawn Of Aviation; 3) Part 1 – The Early Years including (Chapter 1 – The World’s New Practical Vehicle, 1909, Chapter 2 – The Early Quest For Distance, 1910-1911, Chapter 3 – The Crusade For Speed Begins, 1912-1914, Chapter 4 – Interlude Of War, 1914-1918 & Chapter 5 – Prelude To An Era Of High Adventure); 4) Part 2 – Faster including (Chapter 6 – For National Honor, 1920-1931 & Chapter 7 – America’s National Air Races, 1920-1939); 5) Part 3 – Farther including (Chapter 8 Proving Aviation’s Potential, 1920-27 & Chapter 9 – Airline Pioneering, 1928-1939); 6) Epilogue – In The Slipstream Of The Trailblazers; 7) Appendix 1 – World Maximum Speed Records For Land Planes, 1906-1939; 8) Appendix 2 – World Records For Distance In A Closed Circuit For Land Planes 1906-1939; 9) Appendix 3 – World Records For Distance In A Straight Line For Land Planes 1919-1939; 10) Appendix 4 – Major International Air Races, 1920-1939; 11) Appendix 5 – Major U.S. Air Races, 1920-1939; 12) Source Notes; 13) Bibliographical Note; 14) Bibliography and 15) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 141 vintage black and white photographs and 2) 1 map.  “Farther And Faster: Aviation’s Adventuring Years, 1909-1939” is sure to appeal to the aviation enthusiast and history buff alike.  This book is 333 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Terry Gwynn-Jones.  Edition published in 1991.   


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