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Flight: 100 Years of Aviation #SIPHRD0002
Flight: 100 Years of Aviation
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Flight: 100 Years of Aviation, represents a fascinating journey through a century of flight capturing along the way the excitement of aviation past and present from the Wright Brother's first flight to the story behind the space race.  The broad categories covered in this book include: 1) Travelers; 2) Trailblazers and 3) Trendsetters.  In the "Travelers" section, this book covers the great pioneers in flight including Orville Wright, Harriet Quimby and Roland Garos.  Profiles of these great aviators and others along with the aeroplane they flew are reviewed.  The reader will follow the swift advances in aviation many of which were brought about as a result of aerial warfare.  Eyewitness accounts and outstanding images bring aerial reconnaissance, bombing and "dogfighting" to life.  The next major category of review centers on the "Trailblazers".  The reader will see how adventurers like Lindberg and Earhart pushed the boundaries of aviation even further by the setting of long distance flying records and in so doing inspiring the modern age of luxory passenger aircraft.  The last major category of this book focuses attention on "Trendsetters".  Thrilling accounts of events such as the Hindenburg disaster, the U-2 Spy aircraft crisis and life aboard the Russian Mir Space station are reviewed in detail.    Remarkable images of flying boats, airships and spacecraft are come together with detailed profiles of over 300 of the world's greatest aircraft to make this book one of the best encyclopedic records of aviation history over the last 100 years.  A concluding section of this book takes a glimpse at the future of flight inlcuding the use of anti-terrorist strategies, to light aircraft, pilotless drones and even space vacations.   The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Age Of The Pioneers; 2) Aircraft Go To War; 3) The Golden Age; 4) Battle For The Skies; 5) Cold War, Hot War; 6) Space Travel; 7) Shrinking World; 8) Glossary; 9) Index and 10) Acknowlegments.  In addition to an informative text, this book includes hundreds of black & white and color photographs presented along with many relevant illustrations.  This book is 440 pages and is in excellent condition.  The Editor-in-Chief is Dominick A. Pisano and the Project Editor is David Summers.  Edition published in 2002.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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