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Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years #SIPHRD0023
Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years is arguably the most authoritative and comprehensive documentation of Igor Sikorsky’s aircraft design and manufacturing beginning in Kiev in 1910, spanning the turbulent years of World War I and the Russian Revolution. While much has been written about Igor Sikorsky’s aviation activities once he emigrated to the West in 1918, comparably little has been available relative to his early years as a young inventor in Russia. During Igor Sikorsky’s early years in Russia, he designed and produced a series of conventional fixed wing aircraft including the world’s first conventional heavy bomber, the Il’ya Muromets. This large aircraft, with its enclosed cockpit and heated cabins, could stay aloft for hours, cruising at sixty-five mph carrying as many as 16 passengers. On the eve of World War I, it also made an epic sixteen-hundred-mile round trip from St. Petersburg to Kiev. During World War I, the Russian’s produced 70 of these extraordinary multi-engine aircraft and deployed them in a special squadron operating on the eastern front both as a bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. As a admirer and friend of Igor Sikorsky, the author of “Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years” was in a unique position to record Sikorsky’s major aeronautical achievements during his early years in Russia. “Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years” was originally written in Russian and published in 1930 and subsequently translated into English and published in the late 1980s. The major sections in “Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years” are as follows: 1) Preface By Carl J. Bobrow; 2) Introduction By Von Hardesty; 3) Preface By K. N. Finne; 4) Chapter One – The Early Years; 5) Chapter Two – An Epic Flight; 6) Chapter Three – The Great War; 7) Chapter Four – The Establishment Of The EVK; 8) Chapter Five – The EVK In Action; 9) Chapter Six – The expansion Of The EVK; 10) Chapter Seven – A cruel Fate; 11) Chapter Eight – The 1917 Revolution; 12) Epilogue By Sergei Sikorsky; 13) Appendix One – Three View Drawings; 14) Appendix Two – The Il’ya Muromets; 15) Appendix Three – The Finne Reports; 16) Appendix Four Sikorsky Aircraft Data Table; 17) Appendix Five – EVK And R-BVZ Personnel; 18) Appendix Six - IM And EVK Data Table; 19) Bibliography and 20) Index. In addition to an informative narrative, this edition of “Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 94 vintage black and white photographs; 2) 1 three-view “Russian Knight” black and white illustration and 3) 2 maps. This book is 223 pages and is in very good condition with one small tear in the upper right-hand portion of the dust cover. The author is K.N. Fine with Carl J. Bobrow and Von Hardesty (editors) and Von Hardesty (translation from Russian to English). Edition published in 1987.


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