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Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days #SIPHRD0017
Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days represents a rare look into the aeronautical scene in Russia during the turbulent years of the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent three-year civil war between the “White” Russian forces aligned with the deposed Czar and the “Red” communist revolutionary forces.  “Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days” is all the more unique in that it is told through the first-hand experiences of a Russian pilot who graduated from Gatchina Military Flying School and entered the Imperial Russian Air Force just as the Russian Army was falling victim to mutinies in its ranks.  This pilot, Alexander Riaboff continued to fly and joined the anti-Bolshevik forces know as the “White” Russians.  Alexander Riaboff continued to fly against the Bolshevik forces until the end of their struggle was self-evident several years later at which point he escaped with his wife to China, eventually emigrating to the United States and settling in San Francisco.  The major sections of “Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days” are as follows: 1) Preface; 2) Editor’s Preface; 3) Introduction by Von Hardesty; 4) Chapter 1 - My Decision to Become a Pilot; 5) Chapter 2 - Gatchina Military Flying School; 6) Chapter 3 - Into the Revolution; 7) Chapter 4 - Assignment in Odessa; 8) Chapter 5 - Under the Red Banner; 9) Chapter 6 - Escape to Kazan; 10) Chapter 7 - On the Move (Diary Excerpt, 1919: Trek across Siberia with the White Army; 11) Chapter 8 – Siberian Struggle (Diary Excerpt, 1920 – The Retreat of the White Army Continues); 12) Chapter 9 – Final Days (Diary Excerpt, 1920-1922 – Life in Exile; 13) Epilogue and 14) Bibliography.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Reminiscences Of A Russian Pilot: Gatchina Days” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 81 black and white photographs and 2) about 7 maps.  This book is 183 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Alexander Riaboff with editing provided by Von Hardesty.  Edition published in 1986.


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