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Tales Of A War Pilot #SIPHRD0022
Tales Of A War Pilot
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, Tale Of A War Pilot is part of the Smithsonian History Of Aviation Series, which chronicles the development of aerospace technology and its evolution. This series covers both civil and military themes along with a thorough study of the cultural impact of the airplane. “Tale Of A War Pilot” follows the wartime exploits of a United States military aviator in both World War II and the Korean War. That said, “Tales Of A War Pilot” actually encompasses two very different kinds of flying that of the aggressive fighter pilot as part of the famed “Flying Knights” during World War II and later that of a helicopter pilot flying “lifesaving” missions as part of the 8055 MASH unit during the Korean War. As part of the legendary “Flying Knights”, the author flew 103 missions and later as part of the 8055th MASH unit flew 69 helicopter rescues missions. In between wars, the author was part of atomic bomb testing flying for the United States Air Force in the skies over Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. “Tale Of A War Pilot” captures the experiences of the author and his fellow airmen as told through a series of stories that focus on the people who served in the United States air forces from World War II through the Korean War. Along the way, this book highlights these aviator’s “triumphs, humor, loves, and sometimes violent deaths”. At its core, “Tale Of A War Pilot” provides a close-up look at how United States Air Force aviators behaved and survived during one of the 20th century’s most war-torn and turbulent decades. The major sections of “Tales Of A War Pilot” are as follows: 1) Introduction – A War Pilot’s Journey (The Violent Decade 1943-1953); 2) Chapter 1 – To Shoot Down A Zero; 3) Chapter 2 – On The Wing Of The Lone Eagle; 4) Chapter 3 – Escape From The Stone Age; 5) Chapter 4 – Ace Of Aces; 6) Chapter 5 – R And R; 7) Chapter 6 Mystery Of The Magnificent Beast; 8) Chapter 7 – The Ultimate Game; 9) Chapter 8 – Pedro One; 10) Chapter 9 – Christmas At Ch’o Do; 11) Chapter 10 – Geisha and 12) Chapter 11 – Night Mission At The 8055 MASH. In addition to an informative narrative, “Tales Of A War Pilot” includes approximately 15 black and white photographs. The contrast between fighter and helicopter rescue pilots revealed in “Tale Of A War Pilot” makes for an interesting read and is recommended to any aviation history enthusiast. This book is 160 pages and is in excellent condition. The author is Richard C. Kirkland. Edition published in 1999.


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