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The National Air And Space Museum #SIHRD0010
The National Air And Space Museum
Smithsonian Institution Press

The book, The National Air And Space Museum, is the second edition  of a publication focused on documenting the many eras and aircraft represented in this museum located in Washington, D.C..  Included in this book is coverage of the following newer galleries; 1) Early Flight; 2) Golden Age Of Flight; 3) Jet Aviation; 4) Looking At Earth and 5) Stars.  Incorporating first person reminiscenes and anecdotes, the author has also added accounts of headline-making legendary daredevils and record makers.  Also new are accounts of aerial reconnaissance and of modern high altitude planes and satellites.  The chapters of this book include: 1) Introduction; 2) Milestones Of Flight; 3) Hall Of Air Transportation; 4) Pioneers Of Flight; 5) Balloons And Airships; 6) Early Flight; 7) World War I Aviation; 8) Golden Age Of Flight; 9) Flight Testing; 10) Vertical Flight; 11) Sea-Air Operations; 12) World War II Aviation; 13) Jet Aviation; 14) Looking At Earth; 15) Rocketry And Space Flight; 16) Apollo To The Moon; 17) Space Hall; 18) Exploring The Planets; 19) Stars and 20) Science, Technology And The Arts.  The Indices includes sections on Aerspace Technology, Technical Appendix, Bibliography, Index and Credits.  This large hardcover book is 498 pages and is overall in excellent condition with several tears on the exterior end of the dust cover.  The author is C.D.B. Bryan.  Edition published in 1988. 


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