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  Kinsey Photographer Volume Three : The Locomotive Portraits #BDLHRD0001
Kinsey Photographer Volume Three : The Locomotive Portraits
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers

The book, The Locomotive Portraits, is the third in a series of books focused on original photographs taken and developed by Darius and Tabitha Kinsey between 1890 and 1940.  The first two volumes were published originally as seperate works in 1975 but were later bundled and published again as one book in 1995.  This book includes 41 superb original black and white photographs of the logging industry's steam locomotives, historical essays by John Labbe, a noted logging industry historian, on each locomotive and exerpts from conversations with some of the "oldtime" engineers, firemen and brakemen.  The "steamers" were truly magnificent machines and are reflective of a lost era of time.  This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in steam locomotives and their use in the logging industry.  This book is 143 pages and is in excellent condition.  The authors are Dave Bohn and Rodolfo Petschek.  Edition published in 1984.

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